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Information on the West Virginia ADRN site is believed accurate but not guaranteed. The State of West Virginia disclaims liability for any errors or omissions.

Provider, Products, and Services Disclaimer

The information about providers and services contained on this website does not constitute the State of West Virginia's endorsement or recommendation. It is your responsibility to verify and investigate providers and services. Please consult your own professional advisor for all advice concerning medical, legal or financial matters in connection with the services needed. The State of West Virginia assumes no liability of any kind for the content of any information transmitted to or received by any person in connection with the person's use of the website. Also, references on this web site to any specific commercial products, process, information, service, manufacturer, or company do not constitute the State of West Virginia's endorsement or recommendation.

Links to Other Sites

The West Virginia ADRN web site may contains links to federal agencies, state agencies, and private organizations. Links from this site to other sites are provided for the convenience of its viewers. These websites are not within our control and links to them do not constitute endorsements by State of West Virginia and may be followed solely at the risk of the viewer. Once you follow a link to another site you are subject to the privacy policies of that site. The State of West Virginia makes no guarantees about the completeness, accuracy, currency, content, or quality of information contained in the links to and from this web site. Information provided and opinions expressed by others do not necessarily represent the opinion of the State of West Virginia. The State of West Virginia will not be liable for any and all damages resulting from reliance on such information or opinions.

Information Disclaimer

The West Virginia ADRN website contains information on many topics, products and programs. It should be used as an overview and general guide. The West Virginia's ADRN team is continually making every effort to provide complete and accurate information. Program rules change and the West Virginia ADRN information may contain errors or outdated information. West Virginia ADRN makes no representation about the suitability or accuracy of statements or data on this site or its links to other sites and all content is provided "as is" without any warranty, expressed or implied. If you have a question, please send a comment regarding your concerns to the West Virginia ADRN email address.

West Virginia ADRN information does not render any legal, accounting, or other professional advice, nor is it intended to explain fully all of the provisions or exclusions of the relevant laws, regulations, and rulings of the programs described. Program or governing agency original sources of authority should be researched and used. The user maintains responsibility for consulting with appropriate professionals for medical, financial, legal, or other needed advice. West Virginia ADRN assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information contained in the website or the operation of the website.

Hold Harmless Agreement

By entering the West Virginia ADRN site, you acknowledge and agree that you have read and understand the disclosures and disclaimers set forth above and that your agreement to follow and be bound by them is voluntary and is not the result of fraud, duress or undue influence exercised upon you by any person or entity.